Tetra Rex Biobased – a great step towards circularity with a beverage carton entirely made from renewable materials.

Swedish-born international packaging company, Tetra Pak, has made a step towards greater circularity with the launch of ‘Tetra Rex Biobased’, in 2015: a plant-based and responsibly sourced alternative to petrochemical derived packaging. Tetra Rex consists of paperboard from Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™)-certified sources, which makes up the body, and two grades of polyethylene derived from sugarcane make up the laminate film, the neck and the cap. Brazilian chemical company, Braskem, manufactures both grades of polyethylene. The resulting carton is indistinguishable in feel, weight and appearance from the fossil fuel based original. Based on Tetra Rex’s commercial success, it has been made available globally and in a greater range of sizes (from 250ml to 2000ml).

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Tetra Pak Rex – A beverage carton from 100% renewables