Combining furniture-as-a service with long-lasting products and sustainable manufacturing for customer value and improved resource intensity.

Vestre is a leading manufacturer of furniture for towns and cities, parks and outdoor public spaces. Their products are involved in creating social and democratic meeting places. Vestre is working with circular economy in several different ways, amongst others through their durable and long-lasting products that are manufactured in Norway and Sweden from top-class locally sourced materials to a consistently high standard. The careful material selection and product development ensure a long lifespan for their products, supplemented by spare part provision with no time limit. Furthermore, to achieve sustainable manufacturing, Vestre is also working with predictive maintenance in their factory to extend the life-cycle of their equipment by predicting potential failures through IoT. Currently, Vestre is exploring the opportunities for providing furniture as a service through rental schemes with their Parklets 2.0 series for city parking spaces. This will serve to gain a closer relationship with the end customer, gather useful data on product performance, and last but not least get much stronger control over the end-of-use phase. Today a lot of the outdoor spaces are changed much earlier than the products’ end-of-life, therefore these products can be brought back into the loop through either a small repair or a full refurbishment.

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