Sharing and using products more intensively are important aspects of the circular economy. Bycyklen offers a transport solution that is based on these principles.

When getting around in a city you need a means of transportation that is quick, affordable and sufficiently flexible to get you close to where you need to go. Bycyklen, a bikeshare service in Copenhagen, offers such a solution. The company’s electric smart bikes, equipped with GPS and many docking stations throughout the city, are the backbone of this system. Users can create an account online and log into a bike to use it. When the trip is completed, they can return the bikes to any docking station where the bike will charge, be ready for the next user. By sharing the bikes instead of owning them individually, the bikes can be used more intensively. They are designed for low maintenance and when in need of repair, users can send an error report directly from Bycyklen’s app. Collaboration with local authorities was key to establishing the system and fit it in with the existing city and transport infrastructure. The City and Commuter Bike Foundation that runs the system is an independent institution founded by the cities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.

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Bycyklen – Bike sharing scheme for city commuting