To reduce construction and demolition waste, Gypsum Recycling has implemented a collection and recycling system that uses mobile recycling units.

Headquartered in Denmark, but active in Norway, Sweden, Finland and beyond, Gypsum Recycling collects used and offcut plasterboard: a material used to construct ceilings and interior walls. This system starts with the collection of plasterboard waste at (re)construction, demolition and waste collection sites, using special containers. Next, the containers are emptied and the waste transported to strategically placed warehouses. When the warehouses are full, mobile treatment units are dispatched that remove paper and contaminants from the waste and processes it into high-quality gypsum powder, which is delivered to plasterboard plants for the production of new boards. According to the company, the recyclate can replace over 30% of virgin gypsum, with some countries in Scandinavia having obtained rates of up to 80%.

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