GHform is experimenting with a new leasing offering that aims to extend the life of its already long-lived products and materials.

Danish GHform produces outdoor furniture and inventory, such as benches, waste bins and street lights. One of the main materials used is cast iron, which can last for decades, when properly maintained. In addition to this, GHform offers municipalities a leasing scheme for its lamp-posts, as an alternative to simply purchasing them. In this scheme, the lamp-posts would be recollected after 10-15 years, to be reused, dismantled and refurbished, or recycled into new products (melted down), depending on the ‘health’ of the returned products. This offering can save municipalities renovation and disposal costs, and GHform retains access to raw materials, securing business continuity and saving on raw material costs, which can constitute up to 60% of the production costs. Although this model is beneficial for the customers, most of the products are currently still sold, rather than leased, due to a lack of demand for circular products.

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