North Trampoline offers durable high-quality trampolines made of 100% recyclable and sustainable materials with spare parts available to ensure product life extension.

North Trampoline is one of the leading trampoline brands in the world. Their products are designed in Sweden and sold all over Europe. In addition to bringing children from the computer to physical activity in the garden, North Trampoline designs and produces its products with 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly materials. Products from North Trampoline are also produced from recycled materials to decrease the environmental footprint and help recirculating materials. The high quality, durability and robustness of the trampolines, with an average lifetime of 10-20 years depending on care from the customer, together with providing spare parts for many years, mean that North Trampoline products last longer than similar products. Furthermore, the products are easy to dismantle and repair, due to their product design, which is focused on accessibility and standardised tools and components. The extended product life and retained value also opens up for reuse for new customers on the second hand market.

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North Trampoline – Durable and repairable trampolines of 100% recyclable materials.