From rental to lease, from repair to refurbishment, and from collection to recycling: Martela does it all.

Martela’s furniture for public spaces, businesses and schools can ‘go round’ in multiple cycles. The company offers rental and leasing, as well as repair and refurbishment services. What’s more, end-of-life furniture can be returned to Martela for recycling. When dismantled, reusable parts as well as wood, metal and plastic recyclables are reclaimed and used as secondary raw materials, or for energy production: a mere fraction is disposed of. On top of this, the company offers consultancy services that ensure customers only order what they really need. In 2018 Martela received 2,700 tonnes of used furniture: nearly 20,000 pieces were cleaned, refurbished and given new use. Circularity has played a significant part in allowing this Finnish family business to quickly become one of the leaders in the Nordic business-to-business furniture industry.

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