Lillelam combines conscious choices of materials with expertise in designing for long-life, to deliver high quality, durable and premium clothes to mothers and their babies.

Lillelam is a Norwegian brand of babies’ and children’s clothes, made from pure merino wool. Generally, the clothing sector is surrounded by overconsumption and unsustainability. However, Lillelam decided to do it differently, focusing on a ‘slow fashion’ mindset, right from the start. For instance, they do not consider themselves a fashion company. The majority of their sales rely on a basic collection, composed by timeless clothes, with repeating and neutral colour pallets, only two variations throughout the year, and the same classic design since they started in 2004. Lillelam’s clothes are unisex and can be used by multiple babies in the family and throughout generations, when proper care is taken. Furthermore, to extend the time that the clothes can be used for a child in growth, the design includes a growth flexibility with fold-downs on sleeves and leg openings. To help to achieve their aim, Lillelam offers a washing warranty under 40 degrees celsius and provides a booklet with washing instructions, ecological wool detergent and stain remover, and repair kits by request. Lillelam is now aiming to go one step further in closing-the-loop, for instance, by exploring the possibilities for receiving clothes back at the end-of-life at their concept store in Oslo.

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Lillelam – Baby and children’s clothes for a lifetime.