Löfbergs offers high-quality sustainable coffee by assuming extended responsibility along the entire coffee value chain, from farms to consumers and beyond.

Swedish Löfbergs is a family-owned business and one of the biggest coffee roasters in the Nordic region. Long ago, Löfbergs started their sustainability journey, by taking responsibility for their own production impact in Sweden, through capturing and reusing excess energy from roasters. The leftovers from the coffee roasting process are utilised for energy generation, to extend the use of resources along the entire value chain, or as Löfbergs calls it, “from bean to cup”. An important result of this journey is that all coffee traded under the brand now comes from sustainability certified farms, ensuring fair working conditions in the coffee producing countries. To reduce impact on the climate, Löfbergs has replaced some elements of the plastics in their packaging with a new, ‘climate-smart’, packaging made from sugar cane. Löfbergs sees coffee as a very valuable resource, not only during the enjoyable process of drinking coffee, but also afterwards. The ambition of Löfbergs is to close the loop for spent coffee grounds by developing solutions to fully utilise the value of coffee, from the perspectives of nutrition, pharmaceutics and energy.

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Löfbergs – Coffee company with extended value chain responsibility