Inrego brings reinvented IT from Sweden to the world, creating a smarter circular solution for the technology that powers our lives.

Inrego is a global supplier of refurbished IT equipment, with headquarters in Sweden and currently operating in 87 countries. Over the past 25 years, Inrego has developed a process to minimise the impact of used IT on the environment. Inrego buys computers, phones and other IT equipment from companies all over the world. The products are tested by experts in their Swedish workshop and go through an ISO certified process that is tailor-made to cater for the different types of services connected to handling used IT. The IT equipment is then renewed and upgraded to the state of as-new functionality – what Inrego calls ‘reinvention’. The reinvented IT products are sold with warranty to businesses, organisations, schools and individual users, worldwide. Over 30,000 products go through the reinvention process every month, resulting in 300,000 IT products being reused in 2018 – and achieving carbon savings of 5,581 tonnes. Inrego’s mission is to create a more sustainable world, whilst raising awareness of the benefits of reusing in our modern society.