Children’s clothing with long-lasting garments, encouraging customers to reuse, transform and use again.

Swedish Polarn O. Pyret’s ambition is for their garments to be used for a long time before they are reused by at least three more children. For this reason, the company employs high standards for the materials they use. To facilitate the passing on of clothes to other children, the company uses contemporary classic unisex designs, which are unlikely to go out of fashion. Furthermore, Polarn O. Pyret strives to make collections of 100% organic cotton or other more responsible materials, such as recycled polyamide and recycled polyester, whilst taking care not to use chemicals that harm the environment or human health. The company also offers an in-store repair service and encourages customers to make repairs themselves via online tutorials. Additionally, the company promotes reuse through a second-hand market platform integrated in their website, and from spring 2020 also in their physical store where customers can resell garments they no longer need. Polarn O. Pyret facilitates cascaded use of their clothing: on the website customers can find ideas and tutorials for turning garments into other items, such as a vest into a hat, or a shirt into a skirt.

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Polarn O. Pyret – Durable children’s clothing fit for reuse