Konecranes combines product life extension with the Internet of Things to replace components when necessary, and not when the calendar dictates.

Finnish headquartered Konecranes provides lifting equipment all over the world for the process industry, shipyards, ports and terminals, and more. Safe and reliable operation of cranes is paramount. For this reason, Konecranes offers complimentary services aimed at maximising the productivity of uptime and minimising the cost of downtime. For example, the ‘Lifecycle Care’ programme provides spare parts, maintenance and retrofits. With TruConnect, which uses remote sensing and big data, crane usage data are collected in real-time. This provides insight into running time, motor starts, work cycles and emergency stops, which are used to detect overloads and overheats, to plan predictive maintenance and in deployment decisions. Konecranes’ customers benefit from reliable cranes and the company can perform repair and maintenance services efficiently. A significant portion of Konecranes’ revenue now comes from these product-support services.

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