Renting the otherwise short-lived items of maternity and baby clothing makes sense from a resource perspective and offers cost-savings for the customer.

Danish maternity and baby clothing company, Vigga, offers access to their clothes through a rental system. According to Vigga, this business model is 80% less wasteful in terms of resources, as multiple customers reuse these otherwise short-lived items of clothing. Customers also benefit, since they do not have the up-front cost of investing in clothing they only use for a short while. Instead, they pay a subscription fee that amounts to less than buying the clothes new from a high-street low-cost fast-fashion brand. To implement their solution, Vigga had to work with suppliers to ensure access to high-grade, long-lasting as well as organic materials with a timeless look. Clothing that cannot be reused any longer is recycled. Vigga’s business is currently growing, and offering increased flexibility in rentals, such as through different size clothing packages. The company is also expanding its product range and its rental platform, including collaboration with other brands, such as Patagonia for outerwear, and Angulus for baby shoes, and other strategic partnerships.

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