RePack reduces the amount of packaging materials used in e-commerce by providing a reusable packaging system.

This Finnish solution works as follows. At check-out, customers are offered the option to use RePack, for which a small deposit is charged. After having received their order, customers can return the RePack through the regular postal system. This is free of charge. When the company receives the RePack, shoppers receive their deposit back in the form of an email voucher for the next purchase from any RePack-registered webstore. According to RePack, their users buy more often and spend up to 30% more than the average webstore customer. RePack users are also loyal customers: up to 60% of RePack vouchers are claimed. RePack’s product is designed to be used up to 20 times. According to the company, the carbon footprint is up to 80% less, compared with disposable bags, making this innovation a package deal for consumer, retailer and the planet.

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RePack – reuseable packaging for online retail