Gamle Mursten takes a different approach to providing bricks for construction: instead of baking new ones, they collect, clean and resell used bricks.

At the beginning of the life cycle, the production of new bricks creates a significant amount of CO2 emissions. At the end of their life, disposing of old bricks also contributes considerably to the amount of waste generated, despite the fact that they still have the potential to be used for several centuries to come. The solution to these issues, according to Gamle Mursten (‘Old Bricks’), is to reuse bricks. In Gamle Mursten’s system bricks that are suitable for reuse are sorted from other demolition waste, via an automated process. After this, they are cleaned using a patented cleaning technology based on vibration, instead of using chemicals. The company claims that every new brick that is replaced with a reused brick, saves the environment 0.5 kg CO2. Since it started, the company has expanded greatly, partly through the EU-funded project REBRICK.

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