WP06 – Cross-sectoral Vertical Collaboration & Networking in Supply Chains

When designing, implementing and optimising circular value chains it is easy to get lost in the complexity of using multiple circular strategies in parallel, as well as having to engage with more, new and/ or different types of stakeholders. For this reason, this work package develops a framework to support conceptualising different circular value chain configurations, focusing on the type of partners and relationships that are required for their operation. That’s not all: after all, after having determined what configuration type may be appropriate for your business, you will be able to embark on a co-development process with the partners identified to detail the new or improved circular value chain. This work package will also support you in structuring this co-creation process.

This work package can affect the following aspects of your business:

• Business model, material selection & product development, packaging, logistics & through Life operations, resource recovery & more value from waste.

Depending on the context, the creation of circular value chains may involve closing both material and product loops. This work package therefore involves the whole of the product life cycle and a number of business areas.


This work package will provide you with a clear understanding of the relationships to maintain along your circular value chain, such that material productivity is maximised, energy use is optimised, information is accessible to relevant stakeholders and the necessary infrastructure is put in place to benefit the entire chain. This may involve (slightly) altering the nature of existing partnerships, but can also involve establishing new relationships or necessitate the creation of new entities. Examples from your and other industries will serve as illustrative examples and benchmarks. In collaboration with your company, our researchers can organise workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions to support collaborative innovation efforts within your value chain.

Through this, a safe and fertile ground is created to identify and explore possibilities to co-create value.

In short, this work package provides you with:

• guidance with regards to the stakeholder-network requirements to make your circular solution work;

• a clear understanding of what relationships need to be maintained, altered or established to make your circular solution a success;

• support with designing, planning and facilitating stakeholder engagement and workshops.



To be able to assist you with co-creation and collaboration efforts, a degree of openness regarding your current partners and, if applicable, potential partners is required. Company strategy and the role of circular strategies within it will be discussed to establish your wishes and the possibilities of your organisation to adopt circular economy practices.

In other words, our researchers need:

• insight into the company strategy and the role of circular strategies within it;

• insight into past and present value chain and stakeholder engagement efforts;

• an open-minded approach to experiment and co-develop a framework and method for circular value chain development;

• your company’s support in conducting workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions, both in terms of endorsement of their relevance as well as in contacting relevant actors.