WP04 – Circular Product Operation by the Use of Intelligent Assets

Tracking, tracing and monitoring of materials and products is important for recovering and recycling materials as well as for performing repair or preventative maintenance. A lot of developments have taken place over the last years in the area of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and big data analytics, but without a specific focus on circular economy. This work package evaluates and adapts these solutions to enable data Collection and analysis of key product parameters so that they can be monitored and become ‘intelligent assets.’ This work package furthermore gives due attention to security and privacy issues related to data Collection and management. If extensions of existing IoT platforms are found to be necessary, this work package will study how to use state of the art software engineering methods to add features to the platforms.

This work package can affect the following aspects of your business:

• Business model, material selection & product development, packaging, logistics & through Life operations and resource recovery.

This work package is strongly related to developing and maintaining logistical capabilities for running efficient and effective recovery, repair, maintenance, and recycling operations. This involves and affects your company’s digital strategy, software development and operation methodology. However, the data generated may be used to uncover product improvement opportunities. A link also exists with the business model, in the sense that data analysis, reporting, and prediction may be important in delivering the value proposition.



Working with our researchers on this work package provides you with insight into what IoT technologies are suitable for fulfilling your tracking, tracing and monitoring needs. We also can help set-up and run pilots or trials, support you in analysing the data collected and suggest ways of improving the system before scaling up. If you are already using some form of intelligent assets, we can aid in improving security and streamlining data collection and management. Moreover, when large amounts of data are gathered in a relatively short amount of time, data analysis can prove challenging. We can work with you to extract meaningful information from your data streams regarding usage patterns and asset utilisation and to turn your data into a powerful tool for decision making, strategy development and appropriate pricing structures.

Summarising, this work package provides you with:

• Insight into what technologies to use for your tracking, tracing and monitoring needs;

• Support in improving privacy and security, software development and streamlining data collection and management;

• Illustrate how meaningful information can be extracted from your data streams.



Working with our researchers on this work package becomes more rewarding for you the more relevant data you are able to generate and share, as we will be better able to support the development of your ‘smart asset’ capabilities. For optimal support, our researchers will need access or insight into systems used to generate the data, the data itself as well as your analysis software or algorithms. Confidentiality and privacy concerns can be resolved in agreement.

In other words, our researchers need:

• Access or insight into to the systems used to generate data and access to the data itself;

• Access to the analysis software or algorithms used to generate meaningful information;

• Access or insight into software development and operation Environments.