Welcome to join us as a validation partner


Welcome to join us as a validation partner


The first version of tools have now been developed
together with companies. Now its time to make them
available and gather feedback from other companies.
Thus we invite you to become a validation partner.


What you get?
CIRCit Tools
Guidelines for applying the Tools
Workshops for live try-out of the tool(s)
1-2 hours Q&A with CIRCit researchers
Webinars, workshops, contact with other companies


What you give?
Structured feedback on the tools (20-40 hours)
Success factors and challenges for the tools implementation
Comments on the results of the tool implementation

Contact: Fenna Blomsma, fblo@mek.dtu.dk



Sustainability Screening of Circular Economy Initiatives
Contact: Mariia Kravchenko, makrav@mek.dtu.dk

The WP1 aims to support decision making process during early stages of Circular Economy initiatives planning and implementation.

What you get

  • a database of 250+ sustainability-related indicators (yes, the indicators capture economic, environmental and social dimensions)
  • a step-by-step procedure for a systematic indicator selection based on your case and context (yes, it is possible to select relevant indicators whenever a new case is set up)
  • a procedure for result analysis and guided decision taking (yes, is it important to be making decisions before the actual decision is taken)

What you give

  • familiarize with the materials and tools provided by WP1
  • test out the procedures and database
  • participate in a webinar
  • answer questionnaire to help improving the work in WP1

Join our webinars:


Business models for Circular Economy (CE)
Contact: Marina de Pádua Pieroni, mdpp@mek.dtu.dk

The WP aims to support the innovation of business models driven by CE principles and thinking. It provides a tool to support decision-making in companies regarding sensing and making sense of CE opportunities and seizing or designing CE-oriented business models with systemic value concepts.

What you get

  • A tool/configurator for planning and simulating the economic & ressource productivity potential of alternative busines model scenarios for CE;
  • Guidelines for applying the tool integrated with the innovation process;
  • Possibility of scheduling online meetings with researchers for guidance.

What you give

  • Engage and participate in the webinar session;
  • Apply the tool in your company;
  • Reply to a posterior online feedback questionnaire;
  • Participate in a posterior online interview (1h) with the researchers to share experiences about using the tool.

Join our webinars:
12/06/19 at 10:00 (CET)
or 18/09/19 at 10:00 (CET)


Circular product design and development
Contact: Sasha Shahbazi, sasha.shahbazi@ri.se

The WP aims to develop, validate and implement tool and guidelines to support circular product development and design in the early stages.

What you get

  • Tools and guidelines to support circular product development
  • Introduction and instruction to the Tools
  • Introduction and instruction to the guidelines


What you give

  • Joining the Webinar
  • Provide feedback on the tool
  • Provide feedback on guidelines

Answer a survey about good and bad with the tools s and guidelines + possible suggestions for improvements.

Join our webinars:
June 2019
Nov 2019


Closing the product cycle
Contact: Jutta Hildenbrand, jutta.hildenbrand@ri.se

The WP aims to identify options and requirements to create attractive high-quality products, components and materials from discarded but valuable items.

What you get

  • Inspirations for closing the loop with “wow effect”
  • A systematic approch to identify and evaluate options based on:
  • Increased knowledge about feasibility and requirements
  • Identification of barriers and drivers

What you give
Feedback on approach and tools
Examples to elaborate and discuss

Join our webinars:
June 5 at 10:00 inspiration
September 4 at 10:00 evaluation


Design and development of Circular Value Chains
Contact: Fenna Blomsma, fblo@mek.dtu.dk

This WP helps you in identifying the key relationships that need redesigning to enable your circular solution. It will support you in exploring and planning the “how” of the envisioned change, as well as the “who” needs to be involved to implement it. From customers, to suppliers, to other stakeholders that play an important role.

What you get

  • Webinar outlining the rationale behind the process and explaning the tools incl. tips & tricks for conducting the process;
  • User guide describing the process steps and use of the tools;
  • Access to materials for conducting the process (e.g. worksheets, customisable slide set for use in your process);
  • 2-4 hours of Q&A time with the researcher who developed the approach.

What you give (± 20 hrs)

  • Attendance to webinar;
  • Fill in feedback forms after application of the approach and tools (before the end of October);
  • Feedback on user guide (in Google Docs file);
  • Available for follow-up interview (how was the approach used and customised, what were the experiences during the process and how is the company using the outputs).

Join our webinar:
04/09/2019 at 14:00
(2hr + 30min Q&A