Join the Nordic Cooperation’s CIRCit project and discover the opportunities to transform your business model, product development and business operations. Be part of the community that is already closing their product and business loops and gaining great sustainability and market-share benefits!

If your company is considering Circular Economy, or has actually begun to integrate Circular Economy into your business operations, we encourage you to join us as an industry partner. By partnering with the CIRCit project, you will learn how your company can benefit from Circular Economy and how your transition can be planned and optimised.

You will get expert support on the issues that are of direct importance to your company’s needs. You can choose to engage with us on a range of topics:

    • Business Model development
    • Problem solving
    • Product development
    • Supply chain development
    • Tracking of materials, products and usage patterns
    • Sustainability improvements
    • IT-solutions towards product and business longevity

In addition to our above points of direct company engagement, we will create a platform and a community, where companies with similar needs and experiences can learn from each other.
The CIRCit research team will learn from our collaboration with you and ensure that the tools and approaches we are developing on the CIRCit project are suitable and specific to the Nordic industry.
We encourage interested companies and institutions to get in touch and become involved in the CIRCit community.

You are welcome to join the CIRCit Community!

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