Recognising the growing reuse market as an opportunity, Norsk Ombruk repairs, remanufacturs and resells large house-hold appliances.

Norsk Ombruk extends the productive life of household electrical goods, such as freezers, fridges, stoves and washing machines. Such devices can reach their end-of-life, due to faults that require only relatively minor repairs. The company collects such devices, selecting those that are relatively new and energy-efficient. Effective logistics, a modern repair facility with skilled staff and established test- and repair procedures allows Norsk Ombruk to offer a reliable and competitive alternative to similar offerings from the informal sector.

Taking into account the strategic alliances with the WEEE take back systems (ERP Norway), retrieval agreements with selected retailers and municipalities as well as networks of second hand shops, it should come as no surprise that Norsk Ombruk is growing fast.

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